About Us


John Whalen

John has over 25 years of experience in the private, government, and nonprofit sectors in community-building, international affairs, and technology innovation. 

John was previously the President of Pact Social Ventures, where he positioned Pact to invest in, partner with, and advance the connection between social entrepreneurs and Pact’s INGO work. Prior to that, John was the president of Pact Institute and SVP of knowledge management and innovation for Pact globally. John was a U.S. State Department foreign service officer, completing tours in New Zealand, Kosovo, Guinea and Ecuador.   


Jamie Bechtel

Jamie is a dynamic, innovative, and highly regarded impact expert with over 25 years of experience including work in over 35 countries.  She has a knack for bridging divides – working across information silos, sectors, and organizational structure.  As a result of her cross-disciplinary expertise and approach, Jamie has established a reputation as a problem solver with the ability to identify and build unexpected partnerships, deliver innovative solutions, and lead teams to successfully operationalize strategies.

Jamie currently serves as Managing Partner at Kito Global and CEO of Kito Impact Foundation.  Her work is focused on “growing good in the private sector” and her portfolio of clients includes privately held companies, publically traded entities, and international non-governmental organizations seeking to better align outcomes with capital markets.  Jamie is also the lead independent director for the Board of Directors at SenesTech, a publically traded small-cap company (SNES). 

Jamie served as an advisor to the Clinton Global Initiative for six years and was recently honored in Fast Company Magazine as 1 of 60 women heroes. She is an advisor to the United Nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change and to EarthLab at the University of Washington. Jamie has a Ph.D. from Boston University and a law degree from Boston College.


Susan Barrows Libby

A passionate connector, collaborator, and convener, Susan thrives on bringing together unexpected partners, thinkers, and doers, amplifying one another's impact. In addition to building innovative partnerships, she has launched and led regular convenings of executive leaders, coming together to share lessons learned on successes and failures. 

Susan has a keen focus on overhead advocacy, impact investing, and other innovative ways which help organizations wisely achieve meaningful change. Through data and case studies, she works to inform deeper donor understanding (corporate, foundations, and individuals) about why these investments are so essential. 

Frequently serving as a trusted strategic advisor to executive leaders, she provides support on both internal and public communications, as well as mindful development of their personal brand of leadership, enabling an increased ability to achieve maximum performance from themselves and their teams. Strategic branding guidance is a specialty, helping organizations, executives, and initiatives stand out in all the right ways. 


Erin Anastasia Murphy

Erin has been working in the field of knowledge management and organizational learning for nearly 10 years.  She is a Senior Parter at Kito Global, where she leads strategic partnerships with clients to address critical knowledge, learning and stakeholder engagement gaps.  

She has extensive experience implementing knowledge management strategies with a focus on addressing learning and collaboration needs through people-centered approaches to technology design.  Erin has helped launch and manage award winning intranets, led communities of practice and facilitated KM trainings for audiences in the US and globally.  She currently leads Kito Global research and publishing, including topics such as "Modern Knowledge Management" and co-leading research of the “Kito Booster Theory” model of community engagement and writes frequently on this, and other knowledge management topics.  

Erin earned a Bachelor's degree in History and English from the University of Vermont and a Master of Science in Information and Knowledge Strategy from Columbia University.