Our approach

Born from decades of experience in the private, public and nonprofit sectors, we've developed new ways to think about structure, operations and impact.  Learn more about our approach to partnership below.

business models & segmentation

thrive in the post-sectoral™ landscape

INGOs have recognized the need to shift away from a solely grant-based model, but often the structures in place do not support this evolution.  In order to thrive in the post-sectoral landscape INGOs must be bold in positioning themselves for maximum agility. This approach requires a fundamental re-think of the INGO economic engine and the structures in place to support success: from overall business model and strategy to segmentation of the corporate structure and diversification of work and assets.  

At Kito Global, we re-architect and redesign the foundational INGO business model through Segmentation and new hyper-accountability frameworks.  We empower organizations to seize a broad range of diversified opportunities and leverage blended capital while also protecting and growing the core business.  

Operations & transformation

modernize operations for true cultural change

Innovation, impact, partnership, and transformation.  Modern INGOs have no choice but to adapt their business model, structure, strategy and cultural mindset.  This is daunting but possible.  True leadership recognizes when change is not optional.  There is urgency, but still time to modernize and be part of the wave of new 21st Century INGOs.

Authentic organizational transformation only occurs by leadership articulating the road ahead while actively engaging and challenging your INGOs greatest asset – your amazing dedicated people! Most INGO professionals know that modern new approaches are required to break out of the anachronistic purely grant-based models of the past. 

Kito Global centers its modern approach on identifying, cultivating and activating integrated knowledge and best practices. It puts people, learning and adaptability at the forefront to sort through the noise and drive transformational change and impact. 

Differentiation & impact

clarify how you navigate towards positive change

How can your INGO authentically differentiate its business model and thrive in an ever-more complex post-sectoral world?  While well-known tectonic shifts in the INGO domain may leave most organizations vulnerable, the world nevertheless demands a re-imagined set of agile vibrant 21st Century INGOs that play leadership roles in catalyzing trust-based partnerships to solve urgently pressing human development challenges.  Individuals, families, communities, cities, and nations need to reach their full potential.  Governments, academia, and corporate actors and investors will play key roles, but the world needs leadership and engagement from a new set of modern INGOs.

What is your honest assessment of your own INGO?  Is it agile and working boldly to solidify its foundation and position itself for this new world?  Is your INGO asking hard questions of its business model and strategy? Do you have clarity on how to navigate forward?  Have you re-articulated your mission and vision and values clearly so that your organization is fit for the emergent hyper-competitive landscape?  Have you provided a clear foundational platform of operational and technical excellence to achieve breakthrough impact?  Are you reactive or pro-active in shaping your portfolio of activities and programming?  Is your culture trapped in a resource-constrained poverty mentality, or have you established an investment mindset and a culture of abundance and innovation?

To thrive, modern INGOs will move methodically but expeditiously with bold intent to differentiate themselves from the anachronistic non-profit business models of the past.