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John Whalen // Founder & Partner

John has over 30 years of experience in the private, government, and nonprofit sectors in community-building, international affairs, and technology innovation. 

John was previously the President of Pact Social Ventures, where he positioned Pact to invest in, partner with, and advance the connection between social entrepreneurs and Pact’s INGO work. Prior to that, John was the president of Pact Institute and SVP of knowledge management and innovation for Pact globally. John was a U.S. State Department foreign service officer, completing tours in New Zealand, Kosovo, Guinea and Ecuador.   

Erin Anastasia Murphy // founder & Partner

Erin has over a decade of experience working in both the private and nonprofit sectors, specializing in operational and knowledge management, stakeholder engagement and strategic learning.

She has extensive experience implementing organizational transformation and knowledge strategies with a focus on addressing learning and collaboration needs through people-centered approaches to technology design.  Prior to joining Kito Global, Erin was the Portfolio Lead for Pact Institute, a subsidiary of Washington, DC-based INGO, Pact.  Before shifting to the INGO sector, Erin was the Director of Research at CoreWeb, a Boston-based technology firm.   

Erin holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Vermont and a Master of Science in Information and Knowledge Strategy from Columbia University.