rethink what it means to be an ingo.

Kito Global operates in the emerging, dynamic space beyond sectors, where siloed mindsets are eclipsed by innovative collaboration. We help our INGO partners navigate this post-sectoral landscape to rethink structure, activate knowledge and increase impact. 

redesigning structure

To thrive in the post-sectoral landscape, INGOs must rethink confining traditional structures. Learn more about how Kito Global helps INGOs design innovative business models and segmentation approaches.

activating knowledge

Internal operations should enable transformation, not hinder it. Learn more about our modern approach to activating knowledge and redesigning operations that put people, learning and adaptability at the forefront.

increasing impact

INGOs work in extremely complex environments with diverse sets of stakeholders addressing the most intractable challenges. Learn more about how your INGO can differentiate itself and its impact

Latest news

Kito Global was proud to partner with FHI360, Humentum and Pact to develop Amplifyii: The Next Mile of Impact Investing for INGOs.