rethink what it means to be an ingo.

Kito Global operates in the exciting space beyond sectors, where siloed mindsets are eclipsed by innovative collaboration. We help our INGO partners navigate this post-sectoral landscape to rethink structure, activate knowledge and increase impact. 

redesigning structure

INGOs have recognized the need to shift away from a solely grant-based model, but often the structures in place do not support this evolution. How can we structure investments that drive innovation and growth while still  serving society? At Kito Global, we help INGOs rethink and segment business models to enable organizations to leverage blended capital while also protecting and growing the core business. 


activating knowledge

Innovation. Quality. Adaptation. Transformation. Once the right structures are in place, operational change begins to happen.  But true organizational transformation only occurs by nurturing your greatest asset - your people! Our modern approach to identifying, activating and cultivating knowledge puts people, learning and adaptability at the forefront to sort through the noise and drive transformational impact. 


increasing impact

There are infinite challenges in the world and infinite ways to meet the challenges. How do these structural and transformational changes help you define and achieve greater impact? Is your mission strengthened? Your vision more defined? Your strategy more effective? Differentiation helps you meet your end goal and make the world a better place, however you define it.