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innovative. informed. collaborative. capable. our team brings business savvy to impact partners and impact to business savvy partners. no matter what your impact goals are - we've got your back. 


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whether you are a corporation that wants to grow your impact or an impact organization seeking to enhance your business approach - kito will help you find a solution and navigate a clear, well defined path forward.  

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the emergent, exciting, cross-sector space - where siloed mindsets are eclipsed by innovative collaboration - is inundated with a rush of actors.  we help find the perfect partners to grow your impact while you focus on your core business. 

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we help middle market organizations grow impact. start-ups, rapid growth companies, and established brands are all trying to balance day to day operations while simultaneously responding to the growing call to action by customers and employees to "do good." we look forward to helping you build an impact program to navigate this dual mandate.  

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improve your financial model

philanthropy is rapidly changing and creating positive impact requires thinking about financing in new ways. how can we structure investments that drive economic growth and serve society? how can we optimize blended capital strategies? we help medium and large NGOs navigate this space effectively, efficiently and without disruption to your mission.  

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we are proud to work with an abundant array of partners generating outstanding results around the world.  check back often to learn about the latest and greatest outcomes and impacts. 

"Senestech, a publicly traded company, partners with Kito Global for Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility"

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